Window Restoration & Renovation


At Restoration & Blasting, we bring modern innovations to historic building renovation. Our experts maximize dollars by renovating and restoring all existing window parts and components to their original functionality and durability. Any missing or non-functioning parts are replaced using our original part reproduction process. Then once the original integrity of you historic window’s have been restored, we can incorporate modern weather insulated glass to maximize the efficiency of your structure.

Restoration & Blasting uses the highest quality of materials and workmanship to ensure Historic Society Standards. This often can lead toward tax credits for your business through state or federal credits.

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Paint Removal & Blasting


At Restoration & Blasting we can help you identify thousands in cost savings on most historic restoration and renovation projects. In almost all cases, restoring existing materials to their original condition takes only a fraction of the cost and time it would take to replace those material. And when you consider the quality of the architectural and building materials used in the past decades, you are most likely sitting on a gold mine in raw materials.

Let our specialists come in and restore your project to make sure you maintain the historic value of your project. Call us today, and let us wipe decades off your new project.


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